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This is going to be a week from hell. Since school ended I’ve been basically living at my boyfriends house. I never really see my parents anymore. This morning my boyfriend left for the beach with his friends which means I’m going to be home all week. My mom has already yelled at me…so it’s going to be a really long week. Not to mention my car is going to the shop to be fixed so I’ll literally be stuck here. Ugh.

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I definitely didn’t think that being away from my boyfriend for only 3 days would bother me this much. We spent all day together Friday and had so much fun. We went back to his house that night and I was helping him pack for football camp. I kept looking at him and it was brought to my attention that we haven’t been apart since we started dating (almost 9 months ago). We kissed probably about 100 times before I actually left. Right when I got in my car, I started crying. It was instant tears. We spend all our free time together and never get sick of each other. Meanwhile, my mom and sister are away and have been since Monday morning. I’m with my dad all week. We don’t necessarily get along so it’s been hard on me. I relied on my boyfriend to break the ice and invite me over as much as possible. Now that he’s gone for the weekend, it’s just me and my dad. I miss my boyfriend so much already. We can’t really communicate either because he’s on the field playing football. I can’t wait for Tuesday when I can hug him again and kiss his sweet lips. My mom and sister fly back Monday at midnight. I’m so excited to see them. Today I’m going to a graduation party with my dad and I think tomorrow we have another one to go to. I don’t mind though because it keeps me busy. Otherwise I’d be laying in bed thinking about how much I miss my boyfriend, my mom, and my sister. I hope these next few days go by fast!

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